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This paste is made of mapacho leaves, vegetable salt, and ashes from the fire.


Ambil is a very strong, sacred, and grounding medicine coming from deep in the jungle of Central America. This paste is ceremonially prayed over for 3 days by the mother of the tribe and made with the purest of intentions.


This has been used for thousands of years by tribes in order to receive guidance from God and the Spirits.


People say Ambil is used to clear the mind and sharpen your perception which leads you to golden thinking. It represents the universal cosmic masculine principle. This purified thinking gives clarity to the mind and to the thinking process. Also cleaning the physical body and gives spiritual protection.


3oz Jar. This will last you quite some time if you are reverent and balanced in your application.


If you know this medicine well, feel free to place your order. If you are curious about Ambil or would like more information - please reach out - we do prefer to open conversation about this medicine.


Thank you in advance.

Ambil Paste

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