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Ecudorian cacao paste bars with organic rose petals. 


For the raw cacao lover who believes its the bitterness of mama cacao that makes the loving effects more sweet. 


The beauty of this cacao bar option is that you can intuitively add whatever spices, herbs, sweeteners, or flowers you feel called to pair with your cacao. 


One of the most beautiful things about cacao is that it is known to be an herb that activates and heightens the energy of another plant. 


"organic cacao paste is made from deeply flavorful, heirloom variety cacao beans. The cacao pods are hand-selected for quality beans, which are sun-dried then lightly fermented to bring out the rich, aromatic flavor. The cacao is stone-ground below 120 degrees into a smooth paste. The cacao butter and powder are never separated from the bean. No other ingredients are added. This is the purest, unsweetened, raw cacao available."

Ceremonial Cacao Bar

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