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Hannah is a great yoga teacher and student. Her classes are smooth, almost like a dance. Her way of teaching is absolutely inspiring. The flows can be challenging to both mind and body, but Hannah is extremely good at guiding and talking you to places you didn't know you could get to. My first experience with cacao was in a sacred ceremony with Hannah. The ceremony was filed with good music, flowers, and the most delicious and real cacao I have ever tried. That ceremony was particularly special to me because it was when I was trying to find and open my so then lost connection with my divine feminine. 

Helena A.


You and Hannah provided a very moving ceremony and one of the most memorable experiences of my healing journey!! Your gifts continue to bless and heal. 

Evan H. 


I used to not completely understand cacao medicine. I knew it felt good and could taste alright but what was the big deal? Then I got cacao from Hannah. It was so different than anything I had tried before. First, it was delicious in a new way. Second, suddenly I felt it in my heart. I sat on my kitchen floor with myself and fell in love. That was the beginning of my true love relationship with cacao. My husband drinks half cacao and half coffee in the morning. He wants it for the nourishment because it makes you feel good! i make mine with coconut milk, bee pollen, and whatever special honey I have and enjoy my practice with it. It has become my ally. My friends all look forward to it. It's a way to gather people together. It's a way to show someone you care. It's a way to connect. I get it every month no matter what my budget looks like because the value it adds to my life is priceless.

Gillian L. 

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