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The Practice of Yoga

Yoga can go beyond a physical practice or class. Once you transcend the attachment to a yoga pose, you take the yogic principles out into your every day life, and watch your wellbeing stabilize. 

This methodology creates a space to integrate ones life experience and regulate the nervous system. Yoga provides physical strength and mobility, but the real lasting benefit for me has been taking on life with an evenness of mind and openness of heart. I humbly share this practice as a registered yoga instructor knowing that we are all great teachers. 


Styles of yoga offered...


Yoga meets you where you are...

I am equipped to meet you where you are in this moment - body & mind. For some, this means freedom from tension and pain in the physical body, or liberation from obstacles in the mind or energetic body. I invite you to meet the yogic practice as you are. 

The elephant in the yoga room...

Yoga promotes overall wellbeing. This is not a replacement for therapeutic assistance. If you are seeking guidance with mental illness or physical injury, please contact a mental health professional or doctor as we are only licensed in the practice of yoga. We cannot diagnose or prescribe. We cannot promise an outcome for your yoga session. Listen to your breath and go into your session with an open mind. Namaste. 

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