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Image by Rodrigo Flores


The first record for the consumption of ceremonial cacao dates back anywhere from 4,000 - 6,000 years ago. We have the earth's intelligence, the Aztecs and the Mayans to recognize for creating, honoring and carrying the ceremonial cacao traditions to where we are today... 


Human beings have prayed, fueled their bodies, and practiced different sacred rituals with this plant for generations due to a multitude of reasons. There are several stories of how tribes discovered the plant and why it was named 'the fruit of the gods'. Many believe it was a physical gift from the gods to heal to the people, to provide more loving source energy, and to direct communities towards deepening their relation to mother nature. 

Cacao might call to you when you are in a position in life to receive more love and nourishment. Physically, spiritually or emotionally. This plant medicine has a powerful and loving spirit and the influence is something that can truly be felt if you allow yourself to lean into its expansive frequency. It is known to drive connection and call in more love to ones experience. This may be a connection to oneself or another. 

The beautiful design of cacao is that it can be used as a tool to uplift your mood, physical endurance and spiritual practices. 

The difference between what we commonly know as chocolate and high grade cacao is in the way it is grown, harvested and processed. Ceremonial cacao paste is curated in such a way that it preserves and honors the good physical and spiritual qualities this plant can hold. It is known to have a heart opening effect energetically and to provide high levels of physical nutrients to the brain & body.

This ultimate superfood is complex in the way works with your body. Research has shown that cacao causes the blood vessels to dilate which has many positive benefits. Some being the allowance of more blood flow in the body which increases oxygen levels in and lowers blood pressure. 


Aside from cacao being packed with antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron, it contains a naturally occurring compound called Theobromine (essentially, bliss molecules). This brings the euphoric, aphrodisiac and mood elevating effects by triggering many neurotransmitters in the brain like serotonin, dopamine and phenylethylamine. 


Intrestingly enough cacao is also known as one of the only herbs that can find its way through your entire body to deliver its nutrients to not only the heart and brain but all 12 systems of the body. With the power of intention and attention, you can direct where you want the plant to go within the body. Imagine designing your own experience


It is good to remember that cacao is an ancient herb or sacred plant medicine. These plants ask us to work with them in a reverent way, considering the give and take relationship. Remembering the efforts to conserve the earth, the farmers and indigenous people who work hands on with the plant, and our awareness with consumption as modern day humans. 


We believe that creating routine and ritual is beneficial while working with herbs or plant medicine like cacao. Although we also feel it is equally as important to cycle off of these plants at times. A way to honor cacao every is being conscious in your use.


 Cultivating gratitude and setting clear intentions while being in the space with cacao is a good practice to carry on. Thanking all the land and hands that provided the medicine before leaning into your hearts desires is a good place to start. 

Cacao is known to amplify whatever energy or plant it encounters. Many add in different herbs and spices as the cacao will empower the other plants actions and effects.


Our intention is always to support fair trade farms while delivering a high vibrational ceremonial cacao. This means connecting to the plants and hearts who carry this medicine on a deeper level. 

Always consider the source that you choose to consume from. Plants have both a physical effect and energetic properties. When you decide to connect to a ceremonial grade cacao, there is a greater chance that you will receive more benefit, truly feel the effects, and continue to notice the impact that this plant can have on your life. 


Choose to vibrate within the frequency of love. Work with ceremonial grade cacao. 


We are not licensed doctors or certified herbalist and cannot diagnose or prescribe. Please consider consulting a professional before consuming ceremonial grade cacao as each unique body responds differently. We cannot promise any outcome or result from working with our ceremonial cacao.


Drop your expectations and go in with an open heart. 

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