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Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste.


Straight from the heart of Ecuador.


Single origin, Ecuadorian heirloom cacao beans, stone ground into the purest paste.


This ceremonially cacao paste is designed for those who love to take their time and participate in the process of preparing cacao traditionally.


Enjoy finely chopping down the cacao paste and preparing their cup with a pot. Knowing the balance of cooking the pot just enough to create the perfect texture for your elixir and also never over cooking your cacao to keep the medicinal qualities.


You might also prefer this cacao if you enjoy adding your own herbs and spices in an intuitive and personalized manor.


Perfect for those who like a bitter cacao or are avoiding sugar or sweetness.


The cacao butter is never separated from the bean in the process.


This is the purest, unsweetened, raw cacao paste available.


Beyond Organic!!!


This cacao is not farmed!! It is WILD and watered by mountain spring water. These trees will never been irrigated. The beauty is that nature truly provided these cacao trees.


Mature, ripe cacao pods are harvested from trees that are between 30 and 80 years old and then brought up on donkey back.


For more info about ceremonial cacao click here <3

Ceremonial Cacao Paste

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