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Image by Jessica Loaiza

Begin your journey with Ceremonial Cacao

Our promise is to support fair trade farms, hold plants sacredly and honor tradition. 

From our hearts to your hands. In conscious awareness with full reciprocity. 

We recognize the importance of keeping these practices sacred in the highest form of integrity.

Thank you for opening your heart to these high vibrational offerings. 


The Story of hanumandali

Namaste! I'm Hannah Hollis, the founder of Hanumandali.  

The name Hanumandali was given to me by my yoga instructor as a representation of one that is devoted to the yogic path and is in deep relation to plants or the earth itself. 

This nickname became the inspiration to create a space to connect people to both the practice of yoga and the many medicines that nature provides for us. 

Welcome to my site where you can book a yoga session, access our community event calendar, or shop beyond organic herbs. 

Thank you for being here, I am honored to walk this path with you. 

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